• If you find yourself stood outside in the cold because a frozen door lock isn’t allowing you to use you key, then this guide will be very helpful.

    Throughout the cold winter season, it is not uncommon to discover that the lock on your door has actually frozen and this can be really discouraging. It is essential to not attempt and require your key into the lock as you could break your secret, and this just leads to more issues for yourself.

    Thawing Your Door Lock

    Thawing a door lock can be quite easy and things that you can use to defrost it are often easily offered to you either on your individual or in the garage or shed! Here is a list of things that you can do to defrost a door lock:

    Hand Sanitiser — This includes alcohol that will melt the ice. If you put the sanitiser on both the lock and key, then carefully move the type in and out of the lock to loosen it.
    Lighter — You can use a portable cigarette lighter to warm the crucial carefully then move it in and out of the lock until it defrosts, and you can acquire entry Cation if you are attempting this technique after using the alcohol hand sanitiser.
    De-icer — If you drive then you will likely have a can of de-icer in the car during the cold weather. Spray the de-icer on the lock and essential wait an instant and after that gently move the key in and out of the lock till you get entry.
    Hair dryer — if your neighbour is house and they have a hairdryer and extension cable television useful then you can use this to warm the lock and thaw it.
    Your Hands — you can warm your secret with your hands and utilise your thumb to warm the lock for a while then it may thaw the lock enough for you to acquire entry.
    Locksmith professional — If you have attempted these techniques and had no luck you need to call a locksmith professional as there may be more to it than just a frozen lock. If you are having issues with your door lock or have broken your key as a result of a frozen lock, then contact Crawley Locksmith.