• Frozen Door Locks

    December 10, 2019

    If you find yourself stood outside in the cold because a frozen door lock isn’t allowing you to use you key, then this guide will be very helpful. Throughout the cold winter season, it is not uncommon to discover that the lock on your door has actually frozen and this can be really discouraging. It is essential to not attempt and require your key into the lock as you could break your secret,[...]

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    How to regularly test the locks to upgrade security system There are various astounding products in the market that are being released in the market, every now and then; also by authentic and trusted brands. Due to which the competition has been increased, and resulted in the decrease of price for many high end products, benefiting the customers. Whereas, the customers are pretty much confused[...]

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    Do you think that you can protect your business with a local locksmith? Does installation of skilled local security can be helpful for my Business? It is significant to have the security to keep your home or Business safe. Therefore, a skilled local professional is something in which you can rely on because it contains several features and security additions which made for your business [...]

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  • Crawley is the best place in the UK to earn a living, according to new reasearch by TotallyMoney.The South-East of England is the best region, and Crawley gets the top spot in the UK. The research considers median monthly take-home salary, average monthly mortgage repayment, cost of living, unemployment levels, and job growth to rank 59 locations in order, from best place to earn a living to worst.

    Crawley joins other South-East cities and towns, Southampton, Reading, Oxford, and Slough to take the top five spots in the top 10 — first, third, seventh, ninth, and tenth respectively.The research shows that Crawley workers’ salaries are similar to London workers.

    However, mortgage repayments and living expenses are much lower in Crawley, contributing heavily to its top ranking.East Midlands town Derby takes second position — the only East Midlands town to feature in the top 10. South-West England also fares well, with Gloucester and Swindon taking fifth and eighth place.

    While London takes the top spot for take-home salary, more expensive house prices and a higher cost of living means it only ranks 39th among the locations overall.The research shows Brighton as the worst place to make a living in the South-East of England.

    This is largely due to low-level earnings and high mortgage payments.Just down the road, Horsham doesn’t figure at all in the list of 59 towns and cities.

    Special Thanks to the Crawley Observer for their Article- https://www.crawleyobserver.co.uk/news/people/crawley-the-top-place-in-uk-to-earn-a-living-1-8452476