• Emergency Locksmith Service

    We are your Local Emergency Locksmith in Crawley and the Surrounding Areas. Our Skilled Technicians are Experts in Door Lock Repairs and Replacements, Master Key Systems, House Locks, Door Lockouts and Repair or Replacement of most Major Brand Locks. We Are the Answer to the Question - 'Is there a Local Locksmith Near Me?'


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  • Crawleys Locksmith

    Crawley Locksmiths provide a trusted, local and professional lock installation, door opening, lock repair or lock replacement service for all kinds of locks.

    We will get to you fast if you are locked out of your house or have lost your house keys.

    If you have been unlucky enough to have been burgled we will repair the damage and ensure the security of your property is taken care of. All damaged and faulty locks can be opened, repaired or replaced on site. 

    Crawley Locksmiths service has an established client base base in the residential locksmith market in the Crawley area. We have  grown this through our honest and professional high standard of workmanship, providing excellent customer service.

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  • Crawley Locksmiths offer a very reliable, professional and honest commercial locksmith service.

    Whether you own a hotel or guest house, retail outlet, a pub, offices, estate or lettings agency, farms, factory or shop, Crawley Locksmiths can provide a specific proven range of commercial security systems and services.

    We carry a vast range of commercial locks on our mobile workshop to cover all door types, wooden, upvc and metal as well as garage door locks, allowing us to complete the job quickly, easily and with the minimum of disruption to your business.

    Call us now if you have any security or lock issues.

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  • If you have lost your keys, or been locked out, Crawley Locksmiths can attend your home or business very promptly and make sure you can get back into your home or office quickly and very importantly leave your property safe & secure.

    Our Locksmith experts provide other Emergency Locksmith services as well. These include: Lock Pick, Non-Destructive entry, Locks supplied & fitted, Key Replacement, Burglary Repairs, Door Repairs & Carpentry, Security advice, and various types of security services.

    We offer a great and very professional service. Call us now on 01293 301 774

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  • locksmith key cutting

    Does it take long to get a key cut?

    An experienced Locksmith local to Crawley like ourselves takes just 15-20 seconds, if necessary, to cut a normal house key, a less experienced Locksmith may take longer.

    Time taken depends on – if the key is being duplicated & copied which is a quick job or cutting to code which can take longer.

    Types of Keys that can be cut & copied

    An approved Locksmith will be able to duplicate any set of keys and also cut keys to fit any type of lock you wish.

    This could range from key cutting to copying keys for front and back door keys for the house, windows keys, garage door keys to old vintage keys etc…

    • Keys for Cylinder Locks - front door key
    • Keys for Mortice Locks & Rim Locks
    • Security Keys – cut to code
    • Restricted Key ( usually with a code on the key )
    • Patented Keys ( restrictions may apply )
    • Garage Door key
    • Patio door key
    • Ancient / Antique Key
    • UPVC Doors and Windows
    • Padlock key
    • Tubular Key – bike locks
    • Office Key
    • Cupboard Key / Desk key / Locker Key
    • Filing Cabinet Key
    • Double Sided Key
    • Abloy key
    • Dimple key

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  • Lock replacement

    If you are thinking about changing or replacing door locks (or window) on a house / apartment / flat / bungalow or business, our professional Locksmith technicians will be able to fit a replacement lock.

    If you have just moved into a new home, the first thing to do is change your door locks.

    You may also want to upgrade your locks to comply with insurance standards or need to replace the locks due to damage.

    Find a MLA Locksmith Near You

    Door Lock Replacement

    A local MLA Locksmith can fit, replace and change all types of locks such as:

    • uPVC door locks – on front and back doors
    • Garage door locks
    • Euro lock cylinders – anti snap – on front and back doors
    • Mortice Locks – Deadlock / Sash Lock
    • Yale Locks (Night latch) – on front and back doors
    • Patio door locks

    Read our Locksmith price list for estimated costs here – we also tell you how long the job will take to complete.

    Changing & Replacing Door Locks - Common Reasons For This

    A Locksmith can help change & replace house lock if you have lost your keys, the lock is faulty, or are you are locked out of the house.

    The most common reasons a new lock will need to be fitted range from the following:

    • Moved into a new home – Moved into a new home / flat / apartment or changed business address and need to retain key authority.
    • Upgrade locks to BS 3621 – Locks require upgrading for insurance reasons (for example your insurance may stipulate that locks have to be British Standard 3621) or for peace of mind.
    • Lost keys – You have lost your house keys, or someone has a key that should not.
    • The lock is faulty or damaged – the lock is beginning to be unreliable and can be hard to operate. (Usually either worn or faulty.)
    • Keyed Alike – changing your locks to keyed alike so multiple locks are opened with one key – Read our keyed alike guide here

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  • lockout crawley

    Lockout services and resolutions

    Even if blatant reasons exist why all houses need the services of a locksmith, sometimes we don’t think about some jobs that a locksmith could handle. Once we start to consider them, we will have less problems, especially regarding circumstances which cause us to be locked out of our own house.

    To evade a Lock Out, a quite common thing you can do is get a spare key for your house. You can leave a copy with a trusted friend or family member, as well as keep a key in a safe box you put next to an inconspicuous wall tag or you can put one somewhere on your home’s perimeter. However, you need to do this correctly to evade any disasters in the installations. These basic steps can keep you from being inconvenienced if you lose or misplace your keys.

    Don’t ever make compromises regarding the security of your house

    Some locks aren’t that hard to break into if you get locked out, but, it’s not a good idea to install these kinds of locks as it could make it easy for someone to break into your home. It’s a chancy action that some people take, but truly it’s not one you should consider taking.

    New more convenient lock systems

    Nowadays quite a few new technologies are available at affordable prices that deliver suitable security along with good peace of mind for homeowners. A few examples are systems which let you use fingerprints to get into your home. There are also locks that work via mobile apps which let you unlock your door from anywhere worldwide, as well as effortlessly manage several other people’s access to your house. By using innovative technologies, you can actually lead a relaxed life and be able to get into your home easily while at the same time remaining safe.

    Get a dependable Locksmith

    Putting the contact number on your phone or your mobile diary for Locksmith services is a shrewd course of action. Particularly if you get locked out of your house in a large town such as London, you may wish to select Locksmith services which are close to where you live. A few Locksmiths provide services all year long. This could truly save your life if you have some kind of emergency.

    With the multitude of available options, carefully looking for Locksmith services which meet your exact needs is a prudent thing to do. A few Locksmiths might even provide key holding services. The final decision is up to you after you carefully examine all your possible options to help minimalize the problems a lockout can cause.

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  • locksmith near me

    If you call now, you will not be charged a call out fee.  The bill will be entirely based on what we’ve done for you, and you’ll find that our prices are extremely competitive. What’s more, we are quick in an emergency and are available any time that is convenient for you.

    Locked Out

    Whether it’s a real emergency or you’ve simply been locked out of the house, We will show up at your door at the drop of a hat; we arrive not when it’s most convenient for us, but at whatever time suits you best. Our services are reliable, whatever time of the day it is. In fact, Locksmith Crawley is open 365 days of the year for you – and not only our Locksmiths, but our phone-answering staff as well! We are wholly dedicated to making it easy for those in Crawley to get a Locksmith whenever they need it. Call today for your locksmith and find out about our locksmith services. We are your best answer to the question - is there a local locksmith near me.

    Always There for New Homeowners

    One of the best aspects of our job is helping new homeowners move in and make their house a safe place. A house is not just a building – it is meant to be a home, a safe haven, somewhere you feel secure. In the excitement of moving, it can be easy to forget about securing your new property, but we are happy to help.

    First things first, you must change the old locks; you have absolutely no idea who might have access to your property! There’s no way of knowing for sure when they were changed last, who has keys, and how many keys they have. It’s crucial to make this your first security move upon arriving in your new home.

    Many new homeowners opt to do this themselves, but this is a great risk that far outweighs the benefit of having an experienced locksmith perform the change. Here at Crawley, we are happy to oblige with prompt, reasonably priced services. You’ll face no concern of a lock being installed incorrectly.

    We are determined to go the extra mile, so when we come to change locks for new homeowners, we love to arrange security surveys so that you are aware of the current state of your property’s security. We then provide you with a wide range of options which you can take advantage of whenever is most convenient for you. If you do get locked out of house, then we can help.

    New Lock Installations

    After over 20 years of experience, our Locksmiths know that you never know what to expect on a job; that being the case, they always come fully prepared with any tool they may need. From emergency lock-outs to fast response times to competitive rates, Locksmith Crawley has got you covered whatever your needs may be.

    Though they are a bit trickier and less common, we also offer brand new lock installations. This requires a certain amount of expertise as joinery is involved with new lock installations where normal lock replacements already have the space in the door.

    The Locksmith must first make space in the middle of the door for the lock body. Once it has been placed in the door and made parallel, an area is formed for the striking box. The striking box is where the deadbolt goes in the door frame when the key is turned and the lock is locked. Call now and get your new lock installation today!

    Fast Response Relief

    With no call-out fee and no VAT payable, we can come to your aid as soon as possible. Being locked out has never been as stress-free as it is with our professional Locksmiths taking care of things for you. Our focus is providing the best services at the best rate in a timely fashion.

    We are careful to employ hard-working Locksmiths and sales people who have your best in mind and work ethically. You never have to worry about Crawley Locksmith being pushy or impatient. We are happy to answer any questions and provide exactly the services you require – no more and no less!

    Call us today, and speak to one of our trained office advisors now. If you’re locked out, we can come right away or whenever suits you. If you're thinking is there a locksmith near me, then you are right, we are mobile and in the Crawley area.

    Getting to You Fast

    Here at Locksmith Crawley, we know what it’s like to find yourself locked out or to find that you’ve lost your keys. Finding someone nearby who can help without harming your locks – or your wallet – is nearly impossible. We have a mobile team that travels across Crawley every day, and we promise to work in a way that is cost effective for you.

    Each one of our employees is highly trained. We take pride in our staff and their work, so all of our Locksmiths are heavily vetted and CRB checked. They are 100% trustworthy. We don’t just train anyone to get through locks! Call us today and let us help you get you back into your property or repair or replace your locks or doors. You won’t be answered by an automated message or put on hold for forever.

    We are your best answer to the question - is there a local locksmith near me.

  • If You Need To Find A Locksmith - Call Us On 01293 301 774

    Mechanical Code Locks

    Here at Locksmith Crawley, we deal with all kinds of locks, keys, and different material doors, and all of these in countless different situations. We can never predict what a day or week will hold. As a result, however, we are ready to deal with whatever situation arises, even locks that are less common or don’t require keys to be opened.

    We can deal with any type of mechanical code lock and can fit, replace, repair, and even install any mechanical code lock you might want. We can even supply you with a lock. Mechanical code locks are those operated by buttons labeled with numbers and letters. In order to enter, you must enter the pre-set code, and if you get it wrong, you must press cancel and begin again.

    Mechanical code locks are ideal for the office. Though the initial cost might be pricier, you’ll save money on keys. If you have an ordinary key lock on your door and a high amount of staff, you’d have to supply each of them with a key. Every time one goes missing, you’d need to replace the lock as you have no idea into whose hands it has fallen. All these costs add up! Especially lock replacements.

    We Are Here If & When You Need Us Most

    We have been around for quite a while and are at your service all hours of the day, 365 days a year. Whether or not the situation is an emergency, we are ready as soon as you need us.

    Call today, and speak to one of our trained office advisors about all the great services we offer, our availability to offer those services, and how much we charge to provide those services. Whether you’re locked out, need you locks changed, or would like a new lock installed on your door, Locksmith Crawley has all the tools and experience to get you through any situation where a Locksmith is required. You won’t be charged a call-out fee or any VAT. 

    Customer Service

    We could go on and on with all the buzzwords and jargon you’d find covering three or so pages on any website, but when push comes to shove, our customer service is one of the best. We are committed to providing the safest and most comfortable locksmith experience you’ve ever had, with a professional and honest service.

    We won’t take up pages with how well we treat our customers; we simply want to show you, and that’s why we are available every moment of every day – real people answering the phone with solutions for you at their fingertips. Talk to us about our locksmith services, especially our emergency locksmith services.

    Call now, and let our service speak for itself!

    uPVC Doors

    As we’ve gained experience with all sorts of materials and situations, we’ve had ample experience with UPVC doors as well. We’d even go so far as to call ourselves specialists. We carry all the parts for most types of UPVC doors on our vans at all time which means that even if we come out expecting something wrong with your UPVC multi-point locking mechanism and it actually turns out to be just a simple cylinder job, we can simply go back to the van and replace your euro cylinder with a shiny fresh anti-snap and anti-pick euro cylinder instead – no matter the measurements!

    Even if you don’t have us provide the euro cylinders, we highly recommend that you have your locksmith use anti-snap locks so that you’re safe from the most common types of break-in at the very least. Crooks often use lock snapping to take advantage of a flaw in the design; however, if you take the time to ensure your UPVC door locks anti-snap, then you don’t have to worry about anyone getting into your house.

    Call us, and speak to one of our trained advisors today. We won’t make you speak to any automated robots or machines, or put you on hold for hours. We are close by and could be your nearest locksmith.

    Helping Your Small Business Go Keyless

    Almost all houses and businesses we are called to have similar locking mechanisms, the majority based on the traditional system we’ve been using to secure our homes for centuries. While there’s a reason these have worked for so long, they have one flaw: the necessity of a key. There’s nothing quite as inconvenient as losing or breaking your key, and a keyhole makes lock-picking a possibility. Call today to hear how you can go keyless.

  • Local Mobile Locksmith -7 Days a Week


    Here at Locksmiths Crawley we deal with many different types of locks and whilst we feel like we’ve dealt with every single possible type of locks, there are three types that keep coming up over and over again much more frequently than the others, these are;

    1. Mortise Locks – Mortise Locks are the most stubborn out of the three. They are usually found on front doors of houses and can only be unlocked by a key from both sides. These type of locks are the hardest to break through and the most expensive to replace.
    2. Euro Cylinder – Euro cylinders are the cheapest to replace and the easiest to replace. They can either be unlocked with a thumb tab on the inside and a key on the outside or a key on both sides. They are commonly found on UPVC doors.
    3. Night Latch – These types of locks are commonly referred to as Yale locks. However, Yale is just a brand of lock famous for their night latches even though they make other types of locks. They are commonly found in flats and apartment buildings to ensure anyone can escape the building without a key needed.


    At Locksmiths Crawley, all the locks we use are a 100 percent in line with their corresponding British Standards; so you won’t have to worry about your home insurance policy. If you have a question about any of our locks or the brands that we use, don’t hesitate to call our office staffs. We will be more than happy to answer any question you might have regarding our products.

    At Locksmiths Crawley, it’s our duty to make sure all of our locks are in line with British Standards. This is because if they aren’t and we fit a lock to your door and then get burgled, your insurance companies might be well within their rights not to pay out. Although, this might sound like a shady move on the insurance company’s behalf, it’s actually there to protect you from being sold weak locks.

    We do this because we know no one can tell how strong or good a lock is by merely looking at it. That’s why the British Standards Institute test and rigorously put a lock through its paces; including seeing how it fairs against the most popular method of breaking in for that particular lock. There are a few different standards that relate to the different types of locks and lock purposes.

    Check them out below:

    British Standard Kite Mark

    BS3621 – This covers all mortise and cylinder rim locks that take keys from both sides of the lock. This standard ensures that as long as an attempted intruder has the keys, they won’t be able to gain access to your property through fault of this lock.

    BS8621 – This covers all locks with keys for the outside access, but the ability to be locked and unlocked from the inside without a key. This is why they’re used in flats and apartment buildings; so in an emergency situation such as fire outbreak, anyone can get out safely.

    BS10621 – This covers all locks that only lock from the outside with a key, but can be opened from the inside depending on whether the key was turned enough to disable this.

    Stay within these British Standards for all locks you may buy or replace in the future and you’re sure to be safe when it comes to claiming on insurance.

    And don’t forget you have us to always ensure you get the standard.

    Guess what; we have special hints and tips that could help you deter criminals in your homes and workplaces


    When protecting your property, the most important thing to do is to firstly think of the security of your front door.

    Locksmith Crawley’s safety recommendations depend entirely on the type of door you have. For instance, if you have a wooden door, we recommend as a minimum, the installation of a mortise deadlock.

    Similarly, if you have a UPVC door, you should have an anti-bump and anti-snap Euro Cylinder lock. Ensure they are both British Standards and if you are unsure of their quality, give your friendly Locksmith a call to confirm. All lock replacements handled.

    Whilst this is all important, it’s also necessary to ensure that any potential burglar doesn’t target your property in the first place. In fact, it’s really not as difficult as it may first seem. It’s often a combination of many small practices and habits, rather than large, time-consuming ones. With this in mind, we would like to suggest some hints and tips to prevent burglars in respect to your property.

    If you do get locked out of house and need help, we provide an emergency locksmith service near you. We are your best answer to the question - is there a local locksmith near me.

  • If You Need a Locksmith - Call Us

    24 hour locksmth


    You should know that burglars will tend to look at how security conscious they believe the property to be. This means that they will quickly examine the number of locks, lighting and even small matters such as whether a gate has been left open or not. They will also scan for anything outside your property which they can use to get in. It is important to ensure such equipment or garden furniture is not left out overnight.

    Also, you should know that your windows are literally like a shop. Keep valuables hidden and your property will seem less inviting.


    Locksmiths Crawley can always conduct a security survey of your property at a time convenient for you to highlight any potential weaknesses.

    At Locksmiths Crawley, we are very serious about home security and we think you should be just as serious. We don’t think it’s enough just to have secure locks; we propose that you consider getting a burglar alarm. We believe it will serve as a perfect back up when the locks can’t protect you. Most people have some sort of alarm system on their house, but how many of us actually use it?

    You sure know what to do; CALL US NOW on 01293 301 774!

    Fast Service with Us

    Thanks to our years of experience in problem-solving and a strong work ethic, we’re able to better service customers in Crawley and the surrounding areas. Our quick response time means we can get to customers fast and they can get back to their important business. Let us solve your lockout problems quickly and efficiently.

    At home or at work - when you have an emergency, you need fast service at a great price. Call our office today and speak to one of our highly-trained advisors about the services we offer and how you can get the best rates. Our customers rate us very highly for our service and dedication to meeting their needs.

    Our staff of advisors and skilled locksmiths are available 365 days a year for emergencies and non-emergencies. We’re here for you when you need us, on your schedule. Call at your convenience to find out more about our service and competitive rates. Whether you’re calling for residential service or for your office, no job is too small and all are treated with the utmost urgency. Lock replacements are available if necessary.

    Fast, Efficient Service

    We deal with emergency situations every day, all day long at Locksmith Crawley. We offer the best service and our speedy response times allow us to get there quickly and get the job done fast and efficiently with the least amount of waiting. Most often we will arrive within 30 minutes and wrap up the job fast to get you on your way.

    We service all of Crawley and surrounding areas. Our prices are competitive and our dedication to service is reflected in our hard work and reputation for excellence. We work hard to stay on top of the needs of our customers' and always have a friendly, professional attitude and approach to service. No matter if you need emergency service for a lockout, or are moving into a new home and need the locks changed, our skilled locksmiths are available and ready to serve you.

    Call us for All Your Locksmith Needs

    Locksmith Crawley has been serving the public for over 20 years and has the tools and skills to accomplish any job. Other companies come and go, but we’re still here because we do the best work and we are reliable. We’re available all hours of the day and night, weekends, holidays, you name it we’re here. We’re always just a call away whenever you need us.

    Unlike some other companies, we do not employ sales people to work in our offices. The reason for that is that sometimes customers call with questions that only someone trained in Locksmithing can answer. That is why we have advisors who are highly knowledgeable and very efficient at answering customers' inquiries and suggesting services. They can tell you about the services we offer, how long it will take, and about how much the charges will be.

  • Locksmith Near You

    nearest locksmith

    Call Us if You Are Locked Out

    Locksmith Crawley is your one-stop shop for all things pertaining to locks and keys. No matter the job, whether it is fixing a broken key or replacing a lock that sticks, we are here to serve our customers needs. We have over 20 years experience in the industry and want to be your go-to anytime you need Locksmithing services.

    To better serve the people of Crawley, our office is open 7 days a week no matter what. Holidays, weekends, and after-hours are no problem. Someone is here to take your call and get a locksmith to you where ever and whenever they are needed. Even if it is not an emergency, you will not be charged extra. Our rates are competitive with others in the area and we don’t overcharge our valued customers. This is part of the reason we are still in business and have been for so long.We are your local expert locksmith.

    Call and speak with one of our office staff to find out more about our services or if you are calling due to a lockout, give us your information and we will have someone right over to you in a matter of minutes to get your problem solved.

    Quick Response Times

    If you need a locksmith in Crawley or around Crawley, call us today. One of our trained advisors will get a locksmith to you in the shortest amount of time possible. We go out of our way to offer the best service and can tell you exactly how long it will take them to arrive and how long the service will take so you can plan the rest of your day with confidence.

    We won’t waste your time because we know that our customers lives are busy and setbacks can be handled quickly and completed in a short amount of time to allow you to do the rest of the things on your agenda for the day instead of spending all day waiting for a service man.

    No matter where you are, Eastern, Southern, or Central Crawley, we guarantee you a quick response time when you call and the fastest service in the industry. Our skilled locksmiths are experts in the business and have years of knowledge and experience behind them. No job is too big or too small. We cover a variety of door and lock problems and can even show you how to avoid problems in the future by making a few small changes to what you currently do.

    We appreciate your business and ask that you tell your friends if you like our service. We value the opportunity to serve more people and referrals are highly appreciated. If you found us on the Internet, mention that when you call for special savings.

    Call us for Any Lock-Related Problem

    Standing outside your house at 2 am because you’re locked out is the wrong time to start looking for a locksmith. When faced with an emergency situation you should already know who to call. We are your one-stop shop for all things relating to locks and doors. We handle lockouts at your home, business, and even your car. Call us anytime, day or night for the fastest service possible.

    We guarantee you the highest quality service delivered in the shortest amount of time. We arrive within 30 minutes and complete the job to your satisfaction. We offer a variety of services including, but not limited to, emergency lockouts, lock repair, lock replacement, door repair/replacement. Call us for all your Locksmithing needs.

    Why Call Crawley Locksmith?

    Our staff is available to respond to your call 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Even on weekends and during holidays. There is no such things as a “closed” sign to us. If you get locked out you only need to make one call and we’re on the way. We’ll have you back in business in no time, whether you get locked out of your home, office building we will be there for you.

    If you recently moved you may need to get new locks or have duplicate keys made. We have the tools for that as well. We can make you spare keys, install new locks, deadbolts, security locks, you name it and we do it.

    We treat all situations with the utmost urgency. We know that your time is valuable, and we will do our best to reduce the time you spend waiting to regain entry to your property. Emergencies happen at all

    hours of the day and our staff is always ready to take your call and dispatch a locksmith to you as quickly as possible.

    Call today to speak with one of our skilled advisors and learn how we can help you with the many services we have to offer. Our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may and suggest services that will benefit you, should you need them. We are one of the best locksmiths in Crawley and the best answer to the question – is there a locksmith near me?

  • We Are An Emergency Mobile Locksmith Service

    mobile locksmith

    Fast And Trustworthy

    How do we ensure our customers will come back to us when they need Locksmithing service? We focus on our customers needs and providing the best service at affordable rates. We put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and think about what we would want and need from experts in the business. Seeing the situation from the customer’s viewpoint allows us to anticipate what they would want and be able to provide it in the shortest amount of time possible. We offer fast service because nobody wants to wait and be stuck having to stay in one place not knowing when someone will arrive to let you in.

    We want our customers to call us again and again, whenever they need us. We hope they’ll refer their family and friends to us when they need service. We strive to make customer satisfaction our number #1 priority. Our fast response time and speedy service put us ahead of the competition. Our prices are competitive because we want our customers to feel that the prices we charge are reasonable and the service is worth it. We never want anyone to feel scammed or ripped off in any way. At Locksmith Crawley we want your business and want you to be a repeat customer.

    What to Expect When You Call Us

    Many people have never needed to call a locksmith and don’t know what to expect when the situation occurs and they find themselves in need of service. There is nothing to it, you call us and one of our trained advisors will take down your information and analyse the situation to determine the best recourse. A locksmith will be dispatched to your location to provide the needed service, whatever that may be. We carry the highest quality hardware, locks, and tools to get the job done right and done quickly so you can get back to your life. Some of the reasons you might need a locksmith include:

    • A stuck lock
    • Duplicate keys
    • A lost or forgotten key
    • A key broken off in the door
    • New owner lock changes
    • Repairing a broken lock

    At Locksmith Crawley, we are all about speed of service for your emergency locksmith needs.. We understand how busy you are and we value your time as well as our own. Our trained professionals offer courteous service for our valued customers. You’ll always receive the best service with a smile and a great attitude. Lockouts are an inconvenience and for some it can be quite scary the first time it happens. But you have nothing to fear, our locksmiths arrive on-time and get you out of a sticky situation as fast as possible. 

    Call today and speak with one of our advisors about the many services we offer in Crawley and the surrounding areas. We can help in emergency and non-emergency situations. Simple lock changes, replacement keys, and new installations are a breeze and our staff is knowledgeable and always professional. If you need a price quote, or just have a few questions, we are happy to help. Don’t let a stuck lock keep you out on the curb, call the professionals at Locksmith Crawley to help solve your lockout issues.

    Easy Access With Us

    Advisors at Locksmith Crawley are available to take your call day or night. Our fast response times and great service let us stand out in the crowd. When you’re locked out you want someone to arrive quickly and solve the problem fast. That is what we do every day. Whether it’s an emergency or a non-emergency, we’ll be there when you call.

    We don’t mess around. We are dedicated to getting there fast and getting the job done so you can get on to more important things like spending time with your family. We can solve any lock-related issues in a short amount of time.

    We offer a professional service using the highest quality materials. We stock the latest hardware and have the best tools in the business. Our Locksmiths are highly-trained and skilled in the latest technology to date. There is no lock we can’t fix. Call us today and find out how we can help solve all of your lock and key issues. Best locksmith near me, we have been told.

    Peace of Mind With Us

    It takes a professional to install door locks correctly. A lock that sticks or won’t open may not have been installed properly or may be faulty. Also, when it comes to locks, one size doesn’t fit all. Meaning that certain locks work better on certain doors. Our trained locksmiths can analyse the situation and advise you on the type of lock that works best for a particular door. This is also for security reasons, a properly installed and fitting lock works right every time.

    We are staffed with professional locksmiths for the Crawley and surrounding areas. Our team is available to serve the needs of our customers in the Crawley area. We are near your location and the perfect answer to the question – is there a locksmith near my location?

  • Are You Locked Out, we Are Your Lockout Locksmith

    lockout locksmith

    Reliable Service

    Locksmith Crawley makes all your troubles seem like a distant memory. Getting locked out can seem traumatic at the time, but once our trained locksmith arrives and gains entry, life is back to normal and back on track. No more waiting hours for someone to come, we have rapid response times to get you back to the things that are important, work and family.

    We offer a comprehensive service at competitive rates. We will come to your home or office to solve your issues and help you avoid similar issues in the near future. We can offer solutions to locks that stick or keys that won’t turn anymore. Key has broken off in the lock? Not a problem for our skilled locksmiths. We’ll fix it and make you a spare key.

    We Are Centrally Located and your locksmith local to you

    We service Crawley and the surrounding areas. There is no job too small. Even if it is not an emergency, we can handle jobs of any size. We can repair locks, make a duplicate key, install new locks for new residents, upgrade old hardware, install security locks, and more.

    What makes our service so fast? Our response time directly relates to the area where our customers live. When a locksmith is dispatched to a customer’s residence that technician is already in the area, most often finishing up another job, and is able to get to you fast because they are not coming from across town. They’re already in or near your neighbourhood so they can be there in minutes. We’re open 7 Days a week and our staff are ready and able to handle any situation, night or day. We’ll respond to your call quickly so you can relax knowing that help is on the way.

    Locked out? Call us on 01293 301 774

    We have been in the Locksmith business for over 20 years and have earned the trust of our friends and neighbours in the community. If you’re locked out, give us a call and we’ll be right there. Need locks changed? Call us and tell us where and when you’d like to have us come out. It’s that simple.

    Call us when you need us. We can arrange to meet you on your schedule for non-emergency tasks like key making or to install new door locks at your residence. Other times like when you’re locked out and are stuck outside call us and we’ll be right there. We don’t want you to be inconvenienced any longer than necessary.

    If you need help right away, Locksmith Crawley is here to help. If you’re having trouble with locks that stick, open but won’t close, or a key that gets stuck when you turn it we can help. We stock the latest and best hardware, locks, and key making equipment in the industry. We’ll get you back in no time and with a better locking system. Having good solid locks that work give you peace of mind when away from home.

    Not only for your residence, but the same service applies when you’re locked out of your vehicle. How many times have you locked your keys in the car? It’s a simple oversight, and believe it or not, it happens to everyone. You open the door and toss your keys on the seat while loading groceries in the car. You shut the door and hear that “click” and just know that the unthinkable has just happened. You’re locked out and stuck in the parking lot until someone arrives.

    Thankfully, you don’t need to search for a coat hanger or other things to try and get the door unlocked. All it takes is one call to Locksmith Crawley and you’re back on the road again.

    Call us on 01293 301 774 today to find out about how we can better serve you when you need us. Our competitive prices will bring you in and our great service will keep you coming back to us for all of your locking issues.

    We have a good reputation for many reasons

    A locksmith is a professional expert who can help when someone needs a key to a lock, needs to get into their locked vehicle, or otherwise needs some sort of service to change the locks in a building or other similar procedures.

    Crawley locksmith is one of the best such services in the area. There are many reasons Crawley locksmith has the best reputation in the local area. Quite simply, that’s because we know what our customer wants and won’t rest until we meet their expectation. Our customers are looking for a speedy response, and the reliability of both our staff and the materials we need to complete the job.

  • Are You Asking - Where Is An Emergency Locksmith Near Me? Well Here we Are :-)

    emergency locksmith near me

    Advice for Moving into a Home

    First off, congratulations on your new property! If you’ve recently moved home, then may have a number of security concerns and Locksmith Crawley hopes to help answer some of those issues.

    Firstly, you will be given a full rundown of all the current security measures in your new house – where the locks are, if there is an existing alarm system etc. This will help you know your new home inside and out, and will let you feel safe in knowing what exactly is already in place in your new home. Then, you will be given some advice on how to handle moving into a new home and updating the security features therein.

    One of the first things we recommend is that you should replace all the locks in your new home. While the previous owners may have given you all their keys, you will never if they gave a spare key to someone else and forgot about it. If that is the case, you may worry that a stranger could gain access to your home without your permission.

    The safest option therefore is to simply change all of your locks, and doing this will make you feel much more comfortable. Smaller locks such as the ones on your windows may not need to be changed, but again, for maximum security we also recommend changing these out as well. Remember, security starts with your locks, and taking any risk is just not worth compromising yours and your family’s safety.

    If the property comes with an existing alarm or security system, you will also want to change the codes for these or any CCTV systems that came with the house. This ensures that if someone breaks into the house, they can’t mute the alarm, which would mean you wouldn’t even realise they’d broken in until you returned home.

    It’s also good to follow the more basic security rules, such as not leaving a spare key outside your home. While this seems useful if you lose yours, spare keys are often easy for intruders to find and simply let a potential thief walk right into your home. You also need to ensure that any spare keys you lend out are returned to you, as otherwise the same problem may occur. If you have any further questions or would like to book a lock change, please call us today.

    Stylish Security with Us

    People often think that any security feature they may install at their property will be ugly and unsightly, or that they would have to pay through the roof for something that both looks nice and functions well too. That is not the case however, and here at Locksmith Crawley we have a wide range of stunning security solutions for any home or business!

    Here are some examples of the upgrades that you can get installed at your property.

    If you are looking to install a security camera, it doesn’t need to be big, bulky and stark white. We offer a wide range of more discrete cameras, which come in black and other dark colours. We even have dome cameras – and the shiny glass dome is a welcome addition to any room!

    Locksmith Crawley also often recommends window grilles to be installed in homes with ground floor windows. Sometimes we are met with protest, and many times customers say, “It will make my home look like a prison!” However, there are truly some really beautiful, wrought-iron decorative and functional grilles available. In the same way you can have a bespoke gate, you can have a stunning window grille! These really elevate any property in beauty and in value.

    Speaking of windows, your windows and doors themselves can even be improved. At Locksmith Crawley we offer top doors which have metal inside so they are incredibly secure. Not only are they top notch when it comes to keeping intruders out of your home, they look great too.

    Hard woods, old woods, you name it. We have them all for you to choose from!

    We can even suggest a way to update your garden in such a way that it is both visually lovely and also deters thieves – look out for a future post! So, for security solutions with style, call Locksmith Crawley today.

    Locksmith Crawley suggests Defensive Gardening

    The safety of your home begins in the garden, and you could be using it to a much greater extent in order to protect against any potential thieves in the Locksmith Crawley area. With crime rates being high, we are facing many burglaries and other issues in our area. That’s why you need to be sure to protect your home both inside and out. We have some great ideas to share with you today that will do just that. We are your locksmith local to you.

    Firstly, never skimp out on an alarm system, and in particular look for one with an external hub that flashes to indicate that the alarm system is running properly. Visual cues are what burglars look for in a home they are considering robbing, and this type of gear is a great deterrent against them. You should also look into getting motion activated lights and CCTV cameras, as these both allow you to see whoever is approaching your home, and to have video evidence in case something goes wrong.

    Another tip is to use your plants to your advantage. There are many available plants that look lovely, but have a sharp edge to them, such as roses or hawthorns. These can be planted in strategic points around your garden, such as beneath windows and along fences, to help keep away unwanted guests. The sharp thorns will mean that anyone trying to enter your property without your permission will injure themselves.

    That helps to deter possible intruders, who will often not even bother to consider robbing your home if they see that you have these types of plants. You can also consider planting large hedges instead of fences to make your garden perimeter more secure. This is because hedges are harder to climb and therefore, are a more secure plant option for your home.

    For any help with defensive gardening, give our passionate Crawley Locksmith team a call now! We will quickly get the right people on your job today!

  • Do You Want To Call a Locksmith? - Call 01293 301 774

    call a locksmith


    A survey involving ex burglars was made, and they were asked what the most likely thing to put them off burglarising a house was. According to the survey statistics, 70% of them mentioned a burglar alarm.

    This is why Locksmith Crawley has come up with some recommendations for you to ensure maximum protection in your homes.


    But what type of alarm system is best for your home? There are two types of alarm available and they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

    A stand alone system is just an alarm that makes a loud noise when triggered; alerting your neighbours and passers-by for them to help alert authorities. This system is much cheaper than a monitored system but it isn’t very useful if you don’t have neighbours nearby to call the police.

    The second type of system is a monitored system and this works by the owner paying a security team to monitor your alarms and then call the police if your alarm is triggered. This is more expensive but it’s the best option if you don’t have neighbours that are close to you.

    How can Locksmith Crawley help your local business?


    As your Locksmith Crawley attendant shall have waxed lyrically about before, commercial premises require a particular kind of security. Unlike residential properties, commercial properties differ greatly. And that is why Locksmith Crawley is committed to delivering expert security services for warehouses, factories, shops and office blocks to give just a few examples!

    At Locksmith Crawley, we don’t discriminate in who we offer our services to; we take particular pride in helping small, local businesses sort out their basic security needs when moving into new commercial premises. Unlike larger corporations, small local businesses are unlikely to benefit from favourable insurance and we understand, as a small business ourselves, that if the worst happens to your property, it can often hit you harder than a corporation who can rely on other parts of the business to restock the store immediately.

    That’s why we offer special rates and discounts for other local businesses! Once your security is sorted, you can focus on what you need to do, which is making your business a success!

    Where you move to doesn’t matter to us; either a warehouse, office or anywhere else, we at Locksmith Crawley, are always happy to visit your property and conduct a routine security survey to help make you aware of any potential weaknesses in your property.

    As a full-service, Locksmith Crawley can help you install and repair any works you’d like us to carry out based on our recommendations. That means, whether you simply need a strong mortise deadlock installed or a brand new alarm system with all the appropriate electrics, we’ve got your back. In fact, if you’re a customer-facing business selling products on the high street, we can provide the added extras every such business needs. 

    Locksmith Crawley is proud to continue serving the community all year round.

    Locksmith Crawley Fast Response times

    Here at locksmith Crawley we know how much of a pain in the neck it can be when you find yourself in a lock out situation, and sometimes it can be an even bigger pain to find someone close to help replace the locks if required. If you perhaps eventually find, the challenge is that the person might take all day to get to you and even charge you more than you can afford in the process.

    Locksmith Crawley encourages you not to worry in times of emergency; call us!!!

    Our rates remain normal; no extra charges. Locksmith Crawley doesn’t charge you a call out fee, we just charge you for the work carried out.


    Locksmith Crawley wants to make it a simple process, because locksmith Crawley knows that all you want to do when you get locked out is to get back in. And if you haven’t got the know-how, or the time to deal with it yourself, then we think you should always have someone around to cover you from lock outs and emergency locksmith work in the Crawley area.

    We know that it’s a massive inconvenience when you get locked out, but we don’t think it should be a massive inconvenience getting you back into your house and then replacing the locks and giving you a new set of keys, at a competitive price there and then. We are your go to emergency locksmith.



  • We provide Locksmith Services Near You

    24 7 locksmith

    Professional security advice for new homeowners from Locksmith Crawley

    So you have finally made the big leap and now own your own home. This is a joyous day and Locksmith Crawley congratulates you on the big move. However, now you have far more responsibility for your property compared to when you previously were only a tenant in someone else’s home. Do not fear; your friendly Locksmith Crawley is here to offer you some advice and services to ensure your property is adequately protected.

    The first thing you should do is make sure you change the locks on your new home. This is recommended by Locksmith Crawley for whenever you move to a new house. As a matter of precaution, you do not know how many keys were previously cut and who still might have access to your home. If there are a number of locks that need to be replaced, Locksmith Crawley will always offer a reasonable deal to save the already almighty expense of moving home.

    The second thing is to conduct a thorough security inspection of your property from the outside. If you are unsure of how to do this, your friendly Locksmith Crawley team regularly carries out such inspections and are always available to offer such services at a time convenient for you. If you do not require our services, then our one tip is for you is to think like a burglar. This means looking for what surrounds your property that might make it easy to access. Are there any objects which are easy to climb? For instance, consider planting a pretty rose bush up the side of your fence. This aesthetically pleasing deterrent will keep your home secure and make it delightful to look at.

    The trick is to always be one step ahead. If you’re going to be out of your home for long periods, you should invest in security lighting or fake TV lights to switch on in your property. If you are unsure of what security you may need or are simply in need of some friendly advice, call one of our helpful Locksmiths Crawley attendants today.

    Mortise locks strongly recommend by Locksmith Crawley experts

    For many people, home security still remains much of a mystery. We understand the need to protect our homes, but we’re not quite sure how we’re meant to do it and the best way of doing so. Of course, before thinking about additional ways of protecting your property, it’s important that the basics are done correctly. Therefore, the first place to start should always be your front and back doors.

    The first thing to check is the current security present on each door, especially your front door. Unless your property is a new build, there’s a strong likelihood that your front door will be wooden. In this case, it is likely you will have either a Yale lock or a Mortise lock, maybe even a combination of the two. Locksmith Crawley always recommends both in harmony on a door, but never a Yale lock on its own. While these gained popularity due to their convenience to the customer, the cheap price of manufacturing and the ease of installation, they are a much weaker form of protection than a Mortise lock.

    A Mortise lock will either be a deadlock or a sash lock. What you require may well depend on what is already present on your door or what you would like to be present by way of aesthetics. Whatever the case may be Locksmith Crawley can discuss the most suitable option over the phone or in person. It is most likely that your home insurance provider will request a 5 lever British Standard lock in order to validate your policy. Not only are these notoriously difficult to pick, the British Standard means the lock has a longer bolt throw, anti-drill plates and a security curtain to protect the levers. As this is supplied as standard by a Locksmith Crawley service, you can be sure you will be receiving adequate protection when upgrading your home security.

  • We Are Your Lockout Locksmith

    lockout locksmith

    Home security upgrades made easy with a Locksmith Crawley


    Thinking about upgrading your security should not be such a headache. After all, everyone wants to ensure that their property is secure. No matter if it’s for an extended period of time whilst you are on holiday or if you’re at work for the day, or even if you are at home at night. The confusion sets in primarily because of the number of options that are now available.

    A Locksmith Crawley security expert can now offer a comprehensive range of security installations to protect your property. All our Locksmith Crawley team are capable of installing high-tech security such as CCTV and alarm systems, not to mention the niche security upgrades such as anti-thrust plates. If you are confused, then the best people to talk to are the team at Locksmith Crawley.

    Our local Locksmith Crawley can carry out a comprehensive security survey of your home to assess any vulnerabilities with your security before suggesting any potential work we may advise on being carried out. All works are discussed well in advance so you can decide on the most appropriate security solution.

    With all lock installations and lock upgrades, your expert Locksmith Crawley has affordability at the forefront of any work carried out. After all, everyone in Crawley deserves access to high quality security.

     With rising crime rates across the whole of the UK, this could never be more important. This is possible from an expert Locksmith Crawley that regularly tests all new products that enter the marketplace. With trusted brands such as Yale, ABS and Chubb regularly releasing new products in a highly competitive 

    market it’s important that a trusted Locksmith Crawley is able to discern which products offer the best security for the best price.

    Call us today on 01293 301 774!!!

    For installations of high security windows, inclusive of frame checks, lock checks and security advice done around your schedule; speak with a Locksmith Crawley specialist today to get your window security up to date. Every entry point to a home is a potential risk if left unsecured.

    Call our number today to find the high security features you need for your window locks.


    Locksmith Crawley Home Security


    Home security here at Locksmith Crawley is no joke. We don’t take home security lightly and neither should you, the amount of jobs we attend to where homeowners have wished they’d updated their home security before they had to see us is unbelievable. Don’t be like them; don’t play around with your belongings.

    Call us now!!!

    For us, home security starts in the garden. We like to think of your garden as a bridge from the deep dark unknown to your house, and it’s either you make that path a pleasant one for intruders, or make that path a nervy jumpy path that might make burglars think twice about attempting a break in. Which would you pick?

    If you’re on a budget, the best thing to do would be to pick up an external light with a motion sensor to point down your garden; meaning you can see everyone who walks up your drive.

    Another good tip is to check the materials and the lock types on your doors, and then with this information, do some research into the type of break-in most associated with the material and lock type. For example, if you have a UPVC door you’d be most at risk of lock snapping and therefore, you would need to check if your door has anti snap cylinders fitted. If not, fit them for safety.

    Can a trusted Locksmith Crawley engineer help me with my lock repairs and replacements?


    Fast assistance is important when it comes to provision of services with locks. Change, check or new installations all need to be done as soon as possible when the need occurs.

    Making sure your locks are fixed fast and done with precision at times of need is our priority. You cannot leave your home open to risk once you’ve noticed something is broken or once you’ve noted visible signs of deterioration with your locks. This applies also to your window locks and naturally, a Locksmith Crawley engineer can assist you also with your window locks.

    Discreet security upgrades with a Crawley Locksmith

    When people think of installing bolts on their doors, they often think of an unsightly, thick metallic mechanism that destroys the aesthetic interior of their property. This could not be any more of an unfortunate misconception.

    Security companies understand the rising need for such mechanisms and have, over the years, become increasingly accommodating by ensuring bolts can be both highly secure and aesthetically pleasing. This is good because it is one of the most cost-effective upgrades Locksmith Crawley recommends to all customers.

    Wooden doors are usually secured by one of, or a combination of, a mortise lock and a Yale lock. If these two are combined, they are very effective at protecting a property from outside attention as getting through both can be difficult for a criminal.

    However, should the worst happen, there should be an undetectable layer of security that stops anyone in their tracks. By attaching a bolt to the top and bottom of your door, you can fully fasten the door into the wall or door frame. This means that if someone can get through your key-based locking systems, it is unlikely they’ll be able to get through the bolts securing your door with any ease.

  • If You're Thinking About A Locksmith Near Me - Then Call Us 01293 301 774

    locksmith near me


    All our cost savings are passed on to the customers as part of our dedication to excellent customer service. That does not mean there is ever a skimp on quality; all locks installed are British Standard, which is important as it guarantees effective security and should also ensure validation of any insurance policy you may have.

    Business security for domestic properties with Locksmith Crawley

    As with the rest of the UK, Crawley is unfortunate in having been hit by what feels like a plague of criminal activity. It is unclear what the primary cause may be, but it does appear that the world feels a little bit less safe on the local level currently. It is not the intention of a local security professional to scare customers; it is merely to bring some reality to the current security climate. This is echoed by the increasing number of calls we receive from customers asking us about any potential upgrades they can invest in.

    In fact, there’s certainly been a rise in the number of calls regarding anti-snap UPVC locks. All our locks are fitted as both anti-snap and anti-bump as standard. This is important as it provides that vital layer of protection to your property and makes it much more secure than it would have been before. If you are unsure about the state of your lock, a local Locksmith Crawley can inspect the state of your premises by carrying out a security survey and highlighting any potential weakness.

    Locksmith Crawley Won’t Break Your Doors

    At Locksmith Crawley we are driven by the passion to do things differently for the sole satisfaction of our customers. We use every tool available to us to make our services as helpful and as easy to use as possible. This is from our phone lines, to our website and to when we come and help you with your locksmith troubles on your site, Locksmith Crawley is here 365 days a year to help you if and when you need us.

    So how do we do things differently? And how does it benefit the customer and us? Unlike other companies we see the links between different aspects of our business, for example we know that people get our number from this website and therefore whatever we are talking to customers most about on the phone for that week, is what we’ll write about and talk about on our website. Not that we want to avoid your calls if possible, but rather, we think it’d be quicker for you if you were to find the information you were looking for here before you called.

    Locksmith Crawley knows what’s being spoken about most on the phones because we talk to our trained office staff periodically and ask them if they’ve spotted any trend in what people are asking for. Locksmith Crawley cares about your time and your money, so if you need any locksmith work in the Crawley, Hove, or surrounding areas; don’t hesitate to give us a call today. We assure you quick and quality service.

    What burglar security alarm should I choose for my home?

    In the picking stage of what you would like to have in place to keep your home secure whilst you are away, a burglar security alarm is something you should choose based on both preference and need.

    What your specific security needs at home are depends on many factors. What area you are in, what security features you prefer and what budget you are on. These are just to mention a few of the factors you need to keep in mind when choosing what burglar security alarm to get installed.

    To get the assistance you need, feel free to get in touch with our high end technicians at any time. They are skilled in assessment. We help you get the wired or wireless system you need to put into place in no time.

    The choice between a wired and wireless system is one of the first things that will come into the picture. A wired alarm requires professional installation. But as a result of the slightly elevated cost, you’ll get a more robust system that’s not as vulnerable to issues with power or signal.

    In most cases for a home, our technicians recommend a wired system; due to the stable and secure environment they provide and due to how long they last. Wired systems require less maintenance, and are thus easier for you to deal with.

    The relatively young, smart technology that is out there today is also an option. They come with remote control features and with many systems you can monitor your cameras and access from afar.

    The bottom line when picking a burglar alarm for your home is to ensure that your basic needs are covered.

    What are you waiting for? Call us now on 01293 301 774 !!!

    Can a Locksmith Crawley specialist help with my home window security?

    In matters such as security, home or office, workshop or other place of business, of course the skills of a trained and friendly locksmith Crawley specialist comes in handy.

    Call us now on 01293 301 774 !!!